Enterprise Services

We will make sure that your app looks graceful and works smoothly across all Android devices, regardless of screen size, OS version, and processors.

Product Engineering

Software Product Engineering

KLNtek leverage our rich technology and domain expertise to present software product engineering that help you constantly innovate, launch new products, improve time-to-market capabilities and maintain large product portfolios at reduced costs.

KLNtek’s Adaptive Product Lifecycle MethodologyTM

The Software Product Lifecycle Management represents activities used to identify, develop, deliver, and maintain a product or service. KLNtek’s Adaptive Product Lifecycle Methodology prepares us to work with clients at any point in the software development lifecycle, from the earliest stages of conceptual design to long-term software product maintenance and you can considerably reduce your development costs and concentrate your time on building the business.

Product Engineering


KLNtek’s Product Strategy offering exists to provide clients with an enterprise-minded approach to software product development. We work with clients to create artifacts like the Product Vision, Product Definition, Product Roadmap, and Product Architecture.



We believe that successful product design occurs at the crossroads of business strategy, technology assessment, and user experience. Our Product Design teams excel at delivering cohesive solutions that encompass our clients’ business needs, technical architecture, and customer engagement.



KLNtek was founded to help companies bring software products to market in a scalable fashion. Our integrated development approach and experience working with a broad base of technologies makes KLNtek a valued software development partner for clients all over the world.



In the world of software development, a product’s first release often means work is just getting started. That’s why we provide a Product Support offering at a fixed monthly cost to help maintain products over an extended period.

Agile DevOps

What is Agile Methodology

Agile software development is a group of Software Development Methods based on iterative and incremental development where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams and it is one of the big buzzwords of the IT development industry. The Agile Methodology proposes alternatives to traditional project management. Agile approaches are typically used in software development to help businesses respond to unpredictability.

KLNtek’s DevOps offerings for continuous delivery

Integrate your development and operations teams throughout the application lifecycle to deliver continuous value and reduce the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).


Business Challenges

Developing operations-ready software

Lowering operations cycle times and costs

Lowering mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Defining and continuously testing operations acceptance criteria

Automating high-cycle time operational tasks

Development and test lab management

Integrating development and operations incident management systems

Application deployment

Providing actionable diagnostics in operations-managed environments


Business Value

Reduced mean-time-to-repair MTTR

Reduced cycles times in managing development and test lab environments

Reduced cycle times in deploying applications to operations managed environments

SAP Services

Maintaining the lead in a dynamic market is a continuous process. SAP solutions can give organizations the right leverage to keep an edge over competition. Allowing the consolidation of information, from numerous functions, under a single system, SAP solutions aid the effective alignment of business processes to business goals.

KLNtek provides SAP solutions, that allow organizations to connect the entire enterprise together. Our unique blend of domain, functional and technology skills, help us deliver the right solutions that enable clients to streamline their business processes, increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, KLNtek has invested in a dedicated SAP Center of Excellence (CoE), which works on a best practices framework to guarantee best in class program management, quality assured deliverable and rich business and technical insights.


Business Challenges

Challenging goals can become difficult to attain without the right tools. A few of these challenges include:

Maximizing profitability while dealing with a dynamic market

Attaining new levels of business process excellence

Improving flexibility by anticipating change

Optimizing customer service to gain a competitive advantage

Maximizing revenues, by profitably delivering products and services at exactly the right quantity, cost, location, quality and date

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

SAP solutions span the entire enterprise and address all business needs. However, successful alignment of these solutions with the business requires considerable expertise. KLNtek’s SAP solutions enable organizations to innovate faster, allowing them to gain significant competitive advantage.

Our client base spans across diverse sectors, ranging from manufacturing clients in auto & auto components, oil & gas, to ballistics, electrical equipment and real estate, to service clients in logistics and healthcare. This strong foundation of industry knowledge, coupled with solution expertise, empowers our SAP solutions to address all IT and business challenges efficiently. Our SAP solutions include:

SAP Audits

SAP Implementation & Rollouts

SAP Upgrades & Migrations

SAP Application Management & Support

SAP Shared Services


Business Value

SAP solutions provide organizations with a host of benefits, which when coupled with KLNtek’s expertise, generate immense business value. Some key benefits include:

Order management capabilities, which improve on-shelf availability and forecast accuracy, to capture spontaneous customer demand

Creation of a coordinated, integrated system, which facilitates faster response time to market changes and operational events

Flexibility to exploit opportunities for growth through mergers & acquisitions, or new business channels or models, via support for collaborative channel management

Supply & demand planning capabilities, which reduces inventory cycle times

Improved capital budgeting & allocation processes.

Testing Offerings

Frequent product releases, as well as, increasing complexity of IT systems, have made testing an important part of IT services. While the focus is on reducing operational costs, and ensuring greater Return on Investment (ROI), identifying gaps & sustainability issues is equally important.

SAP Application Development

KLNtek offers Testing services, supported by optimized tool usage through the Portable Automation Testing frameworks focusing on improving re-use of the existing IT systems. Partnering with trusted names in the industry, KLNtek provides a cost-effective solution using best practices and a global delivery model.

Quality Engineering

Our performance professionals, certification and QA specialists have the skills you need. They can work in your in-house test environment, set up testing through the cloud or grab projects on an outsourced basis.

Assurance Services

Our assurance services are designed to enhance a quality assurance organization to top-class status.


Business Challenges

KLNtek Development Management helps enterprise development organizations standardize disparate development processes, increase development efficiency, and lower operating costs. KLNtek customers have been able to balance the need for speed with the need for control – reducing development times by 50%, improving productivity by 40%, and eliminating software errors by 90%.

Implementing technology changes with minimal risk can be challenging for organizations. This can be due to:

High cost for resources and slow ROI from in-house testing

Inadequate reporting or analysis of test results

Lack of an unbiased test group

Insufficient coverage in testing due to time-to-market

Script redundancies leading to prohibitive cost for testing scripts

Large setup time for manual or automated testing

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

With a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (CoE), KLNtek provides organizations with testing methodologies that focus on operational readiness of client applications, delivering improved quality and performance. Our Testing services include:

Compatibility Testing

Performance Testing

Operation Readiness Testing

Test Process Consultancy

Accessibility Testing

SOA & Middleware Testing

Application Security Testing

Configuration Testing

Risk Based Testing

DWBI Testing

Mobility Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Test Automation

Interface Testing

Managed End to End Testing Services

BPT Testing

Functional Testing

System Integrated Testing


Business Value

KLNtek’s testing solutions employ state-of-the-art tools, processes and a proficient team, backed by a customer-centric approach, to provide maximum value. This value is derived from:

Standardized end-to-end test processes with proven ROI

State-of-the-art performance testing & production monitoring infrastructure to manage critical processes

Increased productivity of 80% and more

Reliability prediction model with goal of Defect Detection > 95% and MTTD > 500 Hrs.

Faster time to market and increased delivery confidence

Usage of portable frameworks using Licensed & Open Source Testing Tools

Reduction in production defects by 90%, with more than 99% test effectiveness

Application Management

KLNtek’s Application Management Group provides an integrated set of services covering the entire end-to-end lifecycle.

KLNtek Application Management Services

KLNtek’s Application Management Services ensure increased productivity and lowered Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) by consolidating application infrastructure management into a framework that includes:

application management

24×7 Application Magt. Services

Application Release and Deployment

Application usage audit and trending

Application Enhancement and Continuous Improvement

Applications Management including

Service Level Monitoring and Event Management

Proactive and Reactive Monitoring

Application Monitoring and Event Management including

COTS / Enterprise and Packaged Applications Management

Middleware operation services

Database and Data Warehouse services

Application Operation including

Service Desk

Systems Configuration and Change Management


Infrastructure Services

Troubleshooting and Traffic monitoring

Server management


Patch management & Basic Administration

Backup, Restore, and Upgrades

Storage management

Remote Access / VPN Configuration and Operations

Managed Hardware Administration

Networking and VLAN Configuration

Network management



Consulting Services

Performance Tuning and Optimization

Continuous Improvement

Knowledge Management

Capacity Planning, Optimization, and Management

Infrastructure Audit and Planning

Process Audit

Architecture and Design

Business Support Services

KLNtek is a leading offshore Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) firm catering to small to medium-sized enterprises in the United States. KLNtek specializes in providing end-to-end Human Resources Business Support Services (HR BSS) to HR departments for companies with 250 to 5,000 employees. We help organizations outsource several of their HR activities to a single source, providing a cost-effective, process-driven, and closed-loop solution to HR challenges.

What can KLNtek do for you?

Companies who outsource their non-core HR functions to KLNtek can focus on the core competency areas that obtain business objectives and goals. What’s more, KLNtek’s Application Development and Maintenance Services provide companies with cutting-edge solutions to their Human Resources needs. Due to our deep understanding of the HR domain and tools, our specialists have the expertise to develop quality custom software solutions for your HR needs, at a lower cost than that of standard IT app development vendors. However, KLNtek will also integrate seamlessly with a company’s existing HR Process Environment, if they already have an IT solution in place.

Our HR Support team brings productivity at a lower cost, establishes automation in HR processes, and provides reporting and analytics to show measurable results. We offer offshore HR support in the following areas:


Recruitment Support Services

Customized solutions for each engagement

Precision manual job scraping for job boards and recruitment agencies

Job Scraping Services

State board job posting to address OFCCP compliance

Orientation and On-boarding Support

Offer Administration

Initial Applicant Screening

Social Media Recruitment Research (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

KLNtek's interview screening services result in faster, higher-quality hires with cost savings of 40 – 50%

Video Recruitment & Analysis Services

As the world's leading firm to handle job posting services, KLNtek's manual job posting and quality assurance services help deliver your job posting to millions of people around the globe. KLNtek manually posts jobs for 180 countries, 50+ languages, and 1,200+ domestic and international job boards.

Excellent track record of superior client service and customer support


HR Administration

Termination Process Support

Personal Data Charge

Pay-rate, Status, Title Change/Promotion Management

New Hire Processing

Leave Administration Support


Benefits Administration

Open Enrollment

Billing and Reconciliation

Eligibility Administration and Enrollment


Payroll Administration

Payroll Processing and Reporting

Year-End Activities

Time and Attendance Administration


Talent Management

Performance Management Support

Learning Portal Management


Data Analytics and Reporting

Maintaining Employee Data Changes

Mapping Employee Data

Strategic IT Staffing


Whether you need your IT staff augmented, recruiting, project & contract labor or other services, we can help.

Temporary Assignments


Project & Contract Labor

Permanent Placement Services

IT Staff Augmentation

Temp to Hire


At KLNtek Technology, we recruit engineers, IT Architects, IT & Business Analysts, and more.

Project & Program Managers

Network Programmers & Administrators

IT & Business Analysts

IT Architects


Software Developers


We’ve helped staff the entertainment, financial, gaming, government industries and more. Let us help staff you.



Natural Resources / Mining / Oil & Gas




Financial Services


Health Care / Biotech

IT Staffing

Augmenting your strategic IT staffing needs shouldn’t be a hit or miss proposition. A partnership with KLNtek Technology Solutions will provide your company with IT experts who have the passion and accountability for getting the job done right the first time, all the time.

At KLNtek we are meticulous in our hiring practices, choosing only the best candidates for the KLNtek team. And they are constantly provided with tools and training that ensure they’ll meet our exacting specifications for establishing partnerships based on technical expertise, exceptional people skills and a 100% commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We can even provide you with people who have top secret clearance or regulatory compliance expertise and our Intern Program lets you utilize the non-critical software support skills of potential entry-level hires.

Because of their skills and their ability to adapt to corporate cultures, KLNtek’s consultants can be retained by clients for long periods of time, and some are even hired full-time by our clients. And, with our breadth of expertise and experience, we can staff large, even end-to-end projects or provide you with single placements on a short or long-term basis without burdening you with high overhead costs.

KLNtek Staff Augmentation Expertise:

Data Mining

Business Intelligence

QA Analysis

IT Analysis

Business & System Analysis

Software Quality

Regulatory Compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA)

The only constant in IT is change. That’s why we spend a great deal of time ensuring that we understand both the industry and your company’s specific requirements. As our consultants work hand-in-hand with your IT professionals and end users, we monitor their progress to ensure that projects are successfully executed from concept through completion.

KLNtek understands your staff augmentation needs, and we strive to meet them by giving you a customer experience unmatched in the industry. We treat your business as if it were our own, and maintain an ongoing partnership with you to ensure that the power of your experience with 9Logic is far superior to any you’ve ever had with an IT firm.


Captain Blimey

Captain Blimey is an Pirate themed Augmented Reality based “treasure hunt” game. In this game, players can discover and claim virtual treasure hunt while interacting and playing with counterparts from the real world. In addition to open public hunts, the game also provides players the opportunity to create their own treasure hunts which can be organized and run by groups such as corporations, friends or family. The game also lets users toggle between the Map and Augmented Reality mode helping them navigate through the game and collect virtual objects. While in the Augmented Reality mode, in order to grab a treasure chest players must be within 10 meters of it.



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Lab Links

All the games, both small and big are absolutely free in Lab links. Lab links is a wonderful puzzle game that is fun, challenging and more importantly rewarding. The player is usually an apprentice to a cranky scientist where you need to fix all his machines that are either weird or wonderful. It is equivalent to the classical puzzle games where you will be a time racer taking care of pesky rats and work around untimely obstacles. You might even have to save the earth sometimes.



WordHaste is an online game you play against other players on the web. You will have to work with similar set of tiles where players create vertical and horizontal words on their dashboard set with a timer. The one who achieves the most number of points in 3 minutes is the winner of a particular round.